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15:43 Adopts Solution Developed By Blockchain Data Start Up 'dfuse' And Opens Sources Of The First Component
dfuse, a blockchain startup provides a technicial solution to The latter plan to closely integrate it with EOSIO and other products, according to a press release shared with CoinNess on March 19.
Bakkt Goes Weeks With No Trades And CME Bitcoin Options Volume Hits Record Low
According to CoinDesk, The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) traded just three Bitcoin options contracts on March 17, with a notional amount of 15 Bitcoin (approximately $80,000). That is CME's lowest daily volume for bitcoin options on record, according to crypto derivatives firm Skew Markets. The previous record low of $125,000 was registered Jan 24.
IT Firm Helps Healthcare Providers Fight Crypto Ransomware Amid Coronavirus
According to an Cointelegraph on March 18, cybersecurity firm Emsisoft partnered with incident response company Coveware to allow free access to ransomware-related services at no cost to healthcare providers.
The initiative aims to get the impacted organizations operational in the shortest time possible to reduce the impact on patient care to a minimum.
BTC Price Predictions For Mar 20: 21 Go Long; 19 Go Short
As of 14:17 UTC on Mar 19, Bitcoin, the largest crypto by market cap, has registered an obvious increase of 10.84% in the last 24 hours.
The king coin is trading around $5,749.81, as per figures from Now the crypto marks 5,835.10 USDT on
Out of the 64 accredited crypto analysts with, 21 think that for the next 24 hours (12:00 UTC, Mar 19 to 12:00 UTC, Mar 20) think the price of BTC will rise, 24 think it will drop, and 19 think it will continue to trade sideways. has selected opinions from several popular crypto analysts for your market analysis:
@DTrader: Bitcoin has accumulated power and after tested $5,000 multiple times, the price successfully rebounded. This wave of rebound gives the best opportunity to break through $6,000. If the price stays above $5,400, there is a high probability that it will go beyond $6,000.
@Chuangye: There is a high probability the Bitcoin bulls will lift the price to a high interval to $5,950 and beyond. $6,500 is forming a heavy pressure as of now. You can perform short-term operations based on these points, but be careful and not to break through these points and chase for the rise.
@Blockchain Ace: At this pressure level around $5,900, the Black Thursday did not have its usual effect. Pay attention to "sneak attacks" of Bitcoin bears at night. If the price does not effectively break through the $6,000. The trend of Bitcoin is likely to go bearish and stabilize at 6000, mainly at high altitude. Fall out of the bag. There are still some risks in the near future. Note a support around 5200 below.
4 Major South Korean Crypto Exchanges Are Ready To Adopt Compliance Measures
South Korea's landmark Special Financial Transactions Information Act amendment was promulgated earlier this week, a fortnight after the country's parliament voted unanimously in its favor.
Although many industry players have been galvanized by it, others have warned that its stipulations – which will include stringent regulation of crypto exchanges – could force "mass closure" for many of the country's small and medium-sized trading platforms.
The key to compliance will be meeting real-name banking requirements, a stringent set of already-extant guidelines set and upheld by major South Korean banks. Those guidelines will become law on March 17, 2021.
Currently, the only exchanges that adhere to the sort of anti-money laundering (AML), Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and information security management system (ISMS) protocols that banks require as part of their crypto exchange compliance measures are the so-called "big four" – namely Upbit, Bithumb, Korbit and Coinone.
BTC Drops by 1.66% Within 5 Mins, Marking 5,723.24 USDT
CoinNess Market Index shows that BTC drops by 1.66% within 5 minutes. BTC currently marks 5,723.24 USDT on huobi Pro.
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Storj's Decentralized Cloud Storage Service 'Tardigrade' Goes Live
Decentralized storage provider Storj Labs said its blockchain-based cloud service is now available for businesses and individuals to securely store files and documents.
With the formal launch announced Tuesday (March 17), users are now able to begin migrating and backing-up data onto the Tardigrade Decentralized Cloud Storage Service – named after the famously hard to destroy microorganisms.
Angel Investor: Bitcoin’s Decoupling From S&P Makes Me Short-Term Bullish
An angel investor called “Qiao Wang” just shares his views about Bitcoin. As he said, “Bitcoin’s biggest edge right in this moment is that it’s by and large separate from the traditional credit system, where all asset classes are intertwined and experiencing enormous liquidity stress. The price decoupling from the S&P is making me short-term bullish again.”
14K BTC Moved From Huobi To Anonymous Wallet Just Now
Over the past two hours, the Whale Alert bot has spotted a number of Bitcoin transfers, one after another, made from Huobi to an anonymous wallet. Fourteen transactions, bearing 1,000 BTC each. That's $78,120,000.
In each transaction the recipient wallet was the same - 3D8qAoMkZ8F1b42btt2Mn5TyN7sWfa434A. The owner is unregistered. shows that its current balance totals 20,000 BTC - $117,620,000.
Whale Alert shows that on March 11, 5,000 BTC was transferred to the same anonymous address. This totals $39,414,612.
VC Deals In Crypto Remained Steady But Amount Invested Fell In 2019: Report
Last year, crypto didn't see as many big-bucks, late-stage VC deals as it did in 2018, a new report from CB Insights shows.
While 2019 only saw 15 fewer deals than 2018 for a total of 807 deals, the deal volume dropped by 34 percent, from around $4.2 billion to nearly $2.8 billion. This is because of the absence of a few large late-stage deals in 2018: Bitmain's $400 million in equity financing, Coinbase's $300 million Series E and Hyperchain's $234 million Series B, according to the report, published Thursday, March 19.
$15.57 Million USDT Were Transferred
Tether Treasury just made two transfers and one of them, totaling $7.53 mln in value, was received by Binance and the other, $8.04 mln, was received by an unknown address. Their hashes are 0xc11a80eecad1f961769f562d6730e2b1a0694febb8c8faf62d699dd7d3602bfa and 0xbce9d64989861ec0170ba1997fb5d9aad249dfbd509d46bc6fcb09bcf66bc2e7 respectively.
BTC broke above 5,700 USDT, now reading 5,747.41 USDT on, up 12.23% in 24H.
BTC Surges by 1.72% Within 5 Mins, Marking 5,744.07 USDT
CoinNess Market Index shows that BTC surges by 1.72% within 5 minutes. BTC currently marks 5,744.07 USDT on huobi Pro.
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Vitalik Backs Steem’s Hard Fork, Calling It A “Watershed Moment”
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin forwarded an article titled “Steem community plans hard fork to expel Justin Sun’s Steemit” and shares his support for Steem community which is planning a hard fork to avoid being bought and therefore, controlled by Justin Sun. He said: “This seems like a potential positive watershed moment in the history of blockchain governance. If Hive (the fork) overtakes Steem it would be a strong demonstration that the community is in charge and cannot be bought.”
BTC Surges by 1.16% Within 5 Mins, Marking 5,691.4 USDT
CoinNess Market Index shows that BTC surges by 1.16% within 5 minutes. BTC currently marks 5,691.4 USDT on
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Market Cap Of CENTRE Consortium's USDC Stablecoin Surpasses $600 Mln
The market capitalization of the USDC stablecoin, which was created by the open-source technology project founded by Coinbase and Circle, the CENTRE Consortium, has surpassed $600 million.
The market cap of USDC jumped to surpass the $500 million mark on March 13, and kept on rising to surpass $600 million on March 16. At press time, there are over 624 million USDC tokens in circulation.
Bitcoin Blackmail Hits Record Highs In UK
The official figures obtained by the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) reveal that UK police forces received no less than 562 reports of victims having their devices hijacked by ransomware and being blackmailed for Bitcoin payments during 2018 and 2019.
North Yorkshire Police received the highest number of Bitcoin-related crime reports. In 2018, there were just six cases. This rose sharply in 2019 to a whopping 115 incidents – a 1,817% surge.
Data Sales Appear On Telegram, Supporting To Pay In Cryptocurrency
According to, a gray industry on information trafficking appears on Telegram. Inquirers can send keywords to specific online robots to query related account information such as express deliveries, hotel accommodation records, ID numbers, and mobile phone numbers. After inputting the Tencent QQ number, some personal data such as mobile phone number, password, real name, home address, etc, appears, but the key information was hidden.
Inquirers can pay for specific privacy data with every 5 points for each query; for other accounts related to the targeted account, it costs 80 points. The information can be blocked and deleted in the system to prevent others from viewing with 100 points each time. The robot supports to purchase points in BTC and ETH with 0.358 ETH or 0.00654 BTC equaling 260 points.
CoinNess Market Surveillance March 19: BTC Trading Above $5400 Level
As of 11:00 (UTC) on March 19, the global price index of Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading above the $5,400 level. At present, the coin marks $5,474.69 with an increase of 6.55% in the past 24 hours.
The Bullish vs. Bearish Indicator shows our four-hour technical bias on BTC is “Buy” with five indicators sending out selling signals, three showing neutral signals, and 10 indicating buying signals.
The broad market remains bullish, with 86 out of Top 100 cryptos by market cap rising.
The global market cap reads $155.08 billion, and the 24-hour trading volume is $126.69 billion.
Major Coins
1. BTC quotes show 5,585.12 USDT on Binance, $5,603.50 on Bitfinex, $5,610.00 on Coinbase Pro and 5,580.60 USDT on;
2. Market Index presents quotes for major cryptocurrencies besides BTC as following: ETH marks $124.72 (+9.54%); XRP marks $0.1524 (+4.91%); BCH marks $188.12 (+6.02%); LTC marks $35.88 (+6.57%); EOS marks $2.07 (+6.47%); ETC marks $4.74 (+5.04%).
Top 3 Gainers and Losers in Cryptocurrencies
1. Top 3 gainers among Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap: STEEM (+145.25%), ENJ (+53.84%), and SNT (+48.89%);
2. Top 3 losers among Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap: LEO (-54.88%), XMC (-11.00%), and TSR (-3.73%).
Cap Flows of Coins/Exchanges
1. Top 3 capital inflows within the last 24 hours: BTC (+$169.65 mln), EOS (+$33.24 mln), and ETH (+$27.52 mln);
2. Top 3 capital outflows within the last 24 hours: TUSD (-$67.44 mln), BCH (-$26.88 mln), and DOGE (-$23.88 mln);
3. Net inflows/outflows of exchanges: Binance (-$24.07 mln), Bitfinex (+$376.55 k), and Coinbase Pro (+$26.33 mln).
The US IRS To Defer Tax Payment Below $1M Between April 15 And July 15
The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will defer tax payments below $1 million from April 15 to July 15. Crypto traders can also take advantage of the measure to ease the strain from the market fall due to the coronavirus outbreak.
According to a March 18 statement from the Department of the Treasury, individuals and non-corporate entities can defer their tax payments for three months without suffering any penalty or interest. Corporations are also exempt for up to $10 million of income tax payments.
The tax returns will still need to be filed for their original deadline of April 15, but the payment can be delayed until July 15.